Left: Will checks on a newborn calf.

Below: Left: A steer munches on hay.

Center and Right: Our pastures after practicing rotational grazing.


In July 2008, we took two of our Angus steers to Thomas Brothers’ Slaughter House in Wilkesboro, North Carolina for the first time.  From these two steers, we got almost 600 pounds of meat! Since then, we have taken several steers to be slaughtered.  The meat is for sale every Saturday morning during the summer at the Watauga County Farmers’ Market and is included in our CSA boxes many weeks.  We will also arrange for deliveries to Boone or another central location in the winter and spring if you’d like to stock up on beef! 

All of our steers are born and raised on Creeksong Farm. They are never vaccinated or given antibiotics or growth hormones.  After being nursed by their mothers in our pasture for six months, the steers are exclusively grassfed until slaughter. We practice rotational grazing to promote healthy, lush pastures and to ensure that our cows stay on premium grass during the spring, summer, and fall. Our pastures and hay fields do not receive applications of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides.  The steers are slaughtered at Thomas Brothers’ Slaughter House in Wilkesboro, NC or Mays’ Meats in Taylorsville under the supervision of a USDA inspector.  The carcasses are dry aged for ten days to promote the best flavor and tenderness and then frozen.

This meat is all natural, chemical free, and humanely raised and slaughtered.


Ground Beef $5.00/lb.

Tenderized Steak $6.50/lb.

Sirloin Tips $8.00/lb.

Sirloin Steak $12.00/lb.

NY Strip Steak $16.00/lb.

Ribeye Steak $16.00/lb.

Tenderloin Steak $18.00/lb.

Pastured Beef